We are an environmental and agroforestry engineering consultancy that provides services to people, companies, public administrations, and organizations on a national and international scale with more than 20 years of experience in different types of projects.

Values ​​are important to us. Engineering is science put at the service of society, and humanistic values ​​accompany our way of being and being from the beginning of our professional activity.

Our four fundamental pillars are:

The sustainability.

The professionalism.

Technological innovation



Sustainability is no longer an option, it is a necessity.

Aware of this, we focus on projects in a transversal, integral and integrated way. We design advanced forest engineering solutions for people, companies, organizations or public administrations following sustainable development criteria in a broad sense of the term. If it does not integrate environmental respect, the social component and economic viability, it is not sustainable. We try to protect the territory with agroforestry actions that respect territorial values ​​and the concerns of the people who live there. Logically, you also have to be able to pay the bills… =)

We design fire defense systems based on first-rate environmental engineering, eco-hydrological forestry to protect water and forest, pyrogardening to make garden areas resistant to fire, the use of regenerated water to generate green firebreaks with prescribed irrigation , even during the dry season, and we try to achieve solutions adapted to Climate Change and its effects.


Behind the SIDEINFO® project and Medi XXI GSA is a committed, multidisciplinary team, comprehensive, integrated, sustainable and functional solutions.
We have signed and operational collaboration agreements with several universities and research teams at both national and European level.

We have agreements with several independent professionals and technical teams specialized in various areas of engineering that complement our specific knowledge, and since 2018 we have been working in collaboration with Veolia, which provides us with, among others, solutions for the generation of regenerated water to fight fire in populated areas.

Technological innovation

Engineering comes from ingenuity. And ingenuity is the basis of innovation and technology.
Since the beginning of our professional activity more than 20 years ago, we have incorporated disruptive and innovative solutions that have allowed us to design solutions that, after all the effort and investment, have achieved national and international recognition as Best Practice of the Organization of Nations United achieved in 2012 in the catalog of Cities for a more Sustainable Future.

We are responsible for the engineering behind the largest forest fire protection system in Europe, and the second largest in the world. We have our own operational management platform (SIDEINFO® NETSense™) which feeds the intelligence of the active defense system based on information from a wireless sensory network installed in the trees.

We have developed Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for specific training, and applications for mobile devices aimed at facilitating forest fire emergency management.


Ubuntu, I am because we are.
This old word from the South African Xhosa tribe (to which Nelson Mandela belonged) represents the value of the mutual commitment of some people to others. From Medi XXI GSA we think that we are not alone in the world. We are part of a great whole. For this reason, we have a great commitment to our professionals, people and the ecosystem that sustains us.

We are committed to putting aside the individualisms typical of modern society and putting into practice this African philosophy that stands out for values ​​such as empathy, cooperation and the common good. We work with communities, towns, teams… because people together, we are stronger. We take care of the rural world. We work from the rural world.

“Ignorance leads to fear. Fear leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. That’s the equation”


Andalusian philosopher and doctor

Self-protection. Flexibility. Effective.

WUIProtect is a system designed to provide population centers located in forest lands with a defensive structure in the event of a possible fire-related incident.

WUIProtect is installed in several urbanizations and there are different versions that adapt to the needs of the environment.