What is WUIProtect?

Active defense tool for WUI areas (Wildland Urban Interface areas) against forest fires based on the creation of green firebreaks through prescribed irrigation.

It consists of a high-pressure hydraulic network that supplies a series of sprinkler cannons that propel water from a tank 60 meters away in the event of a forest fire, thus soaking the vegetation on the perimeter of the development.

The installation is completed with the creation of a firebreak area between 35 and 40 meters wide to eliminate vegetation from the immediate perimeter of the development and to allow the installation of water cannons.

Product of Medi XXI GSA

You have doubts?

It is not a system
extinction, but
prevention and
self protection

The WUIProtect project began in 2005 in Carcaixent, with a first draft of the execution and installation project.

In 2012, it was awarded Best Practice at the Ninth United Nations International Competition in Dubai by the UN.

In 2019 Medi XXI became a partner in the GUARDIAN project (Green Urban Actions for Resilient fire Defense of the Interface Area).

The four pillars of WUIProtect

WUIProtect® is based on the combination of 4 fundamental pillars


Forest management and pyrogardening






The three areas of defense of WUIProtect

WUIProtect can be implemented for three different areas. Collectively to protect groups of buildings, domestically to protect a special or portable infrastructure, for use by emergency services, civil protection or firefighting consortia, for rapid and temporary installation in defense lines .


Largest installation against forest fires in Europe
Turia Natural Park, 2022

Self-protection. Flexibility. Effective.

WUIProtect is a system designed to provide population centers located in forest lands with a defensive structure in the event of a possible fire-related incident.

WUIProtect is installed in several urbanizations and there are different versions that adapt to the needs of the environment.